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moving mindfully - fully engaged in life

cultivating a fresh perspective of personal growth through
mindful awareness and refined movement

move the body · still the mind

Learning to embrace our daily life with interest and care is commitment towards balanced awareness we can naturally integrate into our lifestyle.

Do we have the willingness to connect?

Each one of us can refine our movement patterns and postural habits. Rebalancing and conditioning the body requires curiousity and supportive exercises. Feeling what movement is, how it functions, and where it originates. Understanding why there is discomfort, and how it was created, gives access to a higher quality of life and ignites the responsibility of healing. We become invested to living here in the body.

Mindfulness, settling back to observe, what is happening and how are we relating to itWe can’t control life, but we can live more aware of what is interfering with freedom and ease. By taking time to pause and notice our mental processes, we can reshape the perception of our inner environment and develop the essence of mindfulness: to see and understand infused with self-compassion.

Embodied Mindfulness — FULLY ENGAGED with life

The alchemy of mindful awareness is to nurture a possibility of change, one day at a time.