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Pilates movement is based on deliberate breathing, deep core connection, and spinal integration. Joseph Pilates created the Pilates Method in the early 20th century with a goal of achieving Whole Body Health. The method uses specific exercises to strengthen, train, and rejuvenate the body. Core muscles are the foundation of this method. From this foundation, alignment of the spine is created. This, in turn, supports ease in the joints and allows for mobility and stability, while also lengthening and strengthening the muscular body. The breath is used for energy, rhythm, and connection during each exercise. The exercises challenge balance, coordination, endurance, and control. Combining all of these factors in the class enables the body and the mind to experience increased vitality and joy.  Pilates Matwork takes the body out of gravity. It re-trains and addresses postural habits in order for the body to be stronger while working against gravity in daily life. 

Pilates is available for any body, modifications allow exercises to be managed with confidence. Props can also be added for support if needed. The class progresses from preliminary to more complex exercises. This natural progression of movement trains the body to be optimally aligned, and the mind centred yet responsive. Pilates supports your body and goals – adjusting to your level of experience, and fitness. Pilates trains functional and intelligent movement patterns for both our body and mind integrating - Whole Body Health.