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Meet Kat


Movement is my life! I ride my bike or walk pretty much everywhere. Sometimes I simply roll on a foam roller in my living room, challenge myself to a Pilates class, or release tension by lying on bolster and breathing deeply. It depends on the day, but everyday is a good day to breathe and move.

My first yoga class was in 1996. I remember walking home after the class and experiencing a distinct feeling in my body and sensations in my feet, as though everything was connected and relaxed, my body and mind in the same place at the same time. It was so foreign, so delightful and grounding that I began to explore more and more classes. I obtained my first certification in 2000. The practice hasn’t been easy. My body was strong but tight from mountain biking, stair running, and backpacking. All of sudden I was challenged to open my shoulders, sit on the earth and stretch my muscles to new lengths. It was agonizing, mostly for my ego— I thought I was fit!

My exploration of yoga and meditation has been somewhat unique as I dove into the philosophies deep and fast. I have travelled to India, Nepal, Thailand and Burma to study, practice, hike, and just learning to be. I sat my first silent ten-day retreat in India in 1997. My idea at that time, was if I continued to practice yoga my body pain would "disappear" and I’d be free to do sit in silence for longer and longer periods of time, entering into the stillness and openings of mind. Like yoga, meditation proved my theory and ambitions to be naïve.


The journey is the practice.

YogaPhotos2016_RLippiatt132 copy.JPG

That statement became very real to me in 2005 when I slipped on an icy bike ramp. I fell and injured my sacroiliac joint. Pain and limited range of motion plagued me for two years while I recovered. It was during these years of healing that I discovered  Pilates and Yoga Therapy. A whole new chapter of learning had begun, and a passion was ignited. I immersed myself wholeheartedly in the vast world of alignment, anatomy, as well as functional and pure movement. Recently I was introduced to the innovative movement and lifestyle program of Nutritious Movement™. My journey continues to expand and shift.


Here and Now

As a teacher, I want to teach to the bodies in front of me, giving them the best movement experience possible. I love sharing my knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, and ability to see movement patterns that can be refined.  I present this in a way that is accessible and fun regardless of where you are in your life or practice—a beginner or seasoned practitioner—and whether you are an athlete or a new mom. There are always improvements to be cultivated and a new way of relating to refined movement. 

Mindfulness meditation is an immense field to explore, and to communicate the gentle unfolding takes finesse. I endeavour to share the Buddha's teachings authentically and systematically, giving current neuroscience information, and bearing witness with students in an environment that is safe and caring. My studies and retreat experiences have been with renowned and highly experienced teachers. They have given me the confidence to facilitate, and to trust that silence is the true mentor.


 And the continuity of growth...

I'm a permanent student in both these approaches; continuously expanding my knowledge and skill of movement through various workshops and trainings. My dedication of mindfulness leads me to silent retreats near and far, fertilizing the seeds of awareness.

This journey of mindfulness and movement has allowed me to sit with difficult emotions and memories, to have the humility to say “I was wrong”, to have the courage to practice yet again that one pose that eludes me, to be with an injury with grace and disappointment simultaneously, and to strive for wellness of body and mind, living embodied mindfulness.

Throughout my development I’ve been blessed to share my enthusiasm of mindful movement with many students, all of us learning together. I’ve had support and guidance from my core teachers and community of fellow practitioners.

A deep bow to you all; as we continue to evolve mindful awareness, move the body, and navigate life.

Kat Boehm