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“In order to understand the world, one has to turn
away from it on occasion."
                                                                         Albert Camus

2020 Retreats


Awareness Naturally:
July 10-12, 2020

Mother Nature, the ultimate temple that invokes awe, deep appreciation and relaxation. Join me for my annual summer retreat at Pure Awareness Yoga, a beautiful and charming centre built with the intention to honour the forest and return to our roots. This retreat is a very simple time to be in nature and practice mindful awareness. We spend time in silence, alone practicing meditation; later we come together, as a community and mindfully speak, gently move and gaze at the fire enjoying the long summer evenings. A retreat that combines all the gifts of various ancient teachings woven together to support our modern lives. To remind ourselves: keep it simple, spacious and look up at the vast sky, feeling the wind blow.

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2019 Retreats

                                                                                      View: Spirit of Nepal 2017

Spirit of Nepal:
Oct 19 - Nov 7, 2019

A visit to Nepal is more than a trip or vacation, it is a retreat and pilgrimage, a journey that invites you to see the world with new eyes.
This 20 day tour of Nepal has an extraordinary itinerary - from the heights and views of the Himalayas, sitting amongst Tibetans chanting and praying, walking ancient streets in an artistic village, supporting grass-roots women's organizations plus daily yoga and meditation classes - a retreat that takes us deeply into a country known for it's cultural diversity and spiritual presence.
The Spirit of Nepal will ignite your passion for travel, unity and personal growth.  Join us for a life changing adventure into of the most charming countries in the world!



Awareness Naturally:
July 4-7, 2019

Spend simple yet luxurious time in nature; a weekend of forest walks, vast skies and mindfulness meditation. Our nervous system and bodies release and repair while being in the the natural world, a time for non-doing and return to being. This weekend is designed to support self-care and inner refuge through the ordinary practices of mindful movement and meditation that have extraordinary awakening and healing potentials. We will spent time in silence and play, a lovely spectrum of personal reflection and community connection -practicing mindfulness in all the conditions of life.
This is my 3rd annual retreat at Pure Awareness Yoga, a centre built with the intention to be held by the earth and land.

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Spring Renewal Retreat:
April 27, 2019

Join myself and Trista Davis for another opportunity to unplug and reconnect. A daylong silent retreat of contemplation, nervous system reset and sweet self-love. We will offer different meditation modalities to support making this practice your own; finding confidence in taking home some simply but effective self-care medicine.

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2018 Retreats


 Awareness Naturally
  July 6-8, 2018

Immerse yourself in the healing and patient power of nature, it will remind you to slow down, pause and connect.
Leave the city life behind, unplug from your mobile device and simply listen to the sound of the wind and birds!
Join me for my second annual retreat at Pure Awareness Yoga. This retreat is designed not only to recharged but to create release. Leaving our often hectic and busy lives for a few days replenishes the whole body and leaves us feeling refreshed and grounded. During our retreat, we will practice mindful movement, sit in silence, share insights with our community plus play and witness the wonder of nature. 

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Fall Harvest Retreat
Sept. 22, 2018

Autumn Equinox is a perfect time to celebrate the seasonal shift from summer exhilaration to mellow inner contemplation.
This daylong retreat will support your practice of mindful movement and meditation - take a walk in the forest, listen to the wind and birds, enjoy healthy food and spend time in silence. As we prepare for longer nights and new routines, nurture your spirit with an easy pace that will release the heart space; a beautiful day of self-care and relaxation.
The retreat will be held at Pure Awareness Yoga, a lovely retreat centre built with the intention of connection to the land plus soothing the body and mind.

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***SOLD OUT!***


Pre-Tox: Silent Retreat
Nov. 24, 2018


Join myself and Trista Davis for a daylong silent retreat that will nourish and refresh you just in time for our Holiday Season!
We will spend the day exploring meditation, restorative yoga, mindful walking and eating as well as few added goodies to make your day special. The season of giving, celebration and connection is wonderful time to rejuvenate your own body and mind, through self-care and spaciousness. The best gift we can give ourselves: relaxation and ease.

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Past Retreats

Touching the Earth Retreat:
July 7-9 2017

Spend time nurturing your body and mind amongst the simplicity and wildness of nature. This retreat will focus on self-care, rejuvenation and contemplation from the inside out.

We will spend time in silence, practicing the art of Meditation, learning to find calm, tranquility and ease within our minds. Yoga will be practiced to move the body, release energy and create vitality and nature will be our home for the weekend. We will have ample time to play in the wonder and beauty that the natural world delivers through diversity and brilliance. There will be formal walking meditation as well as discovering play on the water!

The best time and care we can give is to ourselves - a compassionate embrace that demonstrates deep listening  to our bodies and minds - as we surrender to nature, an authentic healer, we will restore our wellbeing



SEPT. 30, 2017

Coming home to the body and mind through an exploration of mindfulness, silence, nature, mindful movement and
This daylong retreat is catered to reset our nervous system and focus the mind on the here and now. Remembering
to be be fully alive for how life is unfolding and meeting it with a very courageous heart.

Spirit of nepal:
Oct.15 - Nov. 3, 2017


The alluring nature of Nepal, lies not only in the magnificent and mighty Himalayas, but in a country immersed in cultural diversity and sacred presence. Come and experience for yourself a country known for it's kind-hearted locals, popular teahouse trekking and a mix of Buddhist and Hindi spirituality. This 20 day journey steeps you deep into Nepal - a unique itinerary that highlights the beauty and range of experiences that only Nepal can give an inquisitive explorer. We will travel to regions that express Nepal's spirit, through history and traditional lifestyle, as well as rugged landscapes.
The tour will include 7 days of trekking, visiting the birthplace of the Buddha, "digital detox" and daily yoga and mediation classes. It is a pleasure to return to a country that has my heart, and opened my eyes to kindness and resilience equally.

***SOLD OUT***